Absolutely, Bhutan is a very safe country for travelers. The region and the people there are very friendly and helping mannered. Bhutan is one of the best places close to Himalayas region for travelling. Most importantly, the greenery of this country is the most renowned thing. Why because 72% of the area was covered with thick forests.

That’s why this country became an ideal place for a different type of travelers. Due to close to the Himalayas, many mountains in Bhutan are the best places for trekking. For adventure seekers, also Bhutan is the best place.

Without a doubt, Bhutan is the safest country for all type of travelers. Even solo women can also explore the beauties of Bhutan. Overall, Bhutan is a safe and secured tourist place to visit.

However, some precautions and measures should follow not to make your trip spoil. Here some safety measures to be taken in Bhutan were mentioned.

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Altitude Sickness:

The first and everyone faces the problem in Bhutan like countries is altitude sickness. Because Bhutan is a mountainous region so altitude sickness is the very common thing every traveler face here.

If you suffering with this problem you feel mild headache and vomiting sensation. So immediate medication is important and need. A day or two rest will make you sustain to the environment.

Most of the tourist places to visit in Bhutan lies below 3,000mts. Most probably, altitude sickness attacks at 8,000mts high. So in some cases, you may feel altitude sickness.

Bad Climatic Conditions:

Before you visit Bhutan check whether the climate is good or not. Sometimes heavy snowfall and rains make the country worse and dangerous. Especially, mountain slides will cause huge damage to roads and bridges.

If you visit during these times means you will definitely in risk. Particularly, monsoons will badly affect the country and also this season not good for tourists.

Punakha Dzong, at the confluence of two rivers, was the venue of the Fifth King of Bhutan’s Royal Wedding | source: Flyingroups.com

Health Issues:

There will be chances to be infected with viral diseases in Bhutan. So it is very important to look after your health. Most of the infectious disease in Bhutan is Yellow Fever.

Most of the tourists affected with this fever after visiting Bhutan. Rabies also another most affected disease in Bhutan.

Based on all these, The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends some vaccines for Bhutan visitors. The vaccines are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Adult diphtheria and tetanus, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio, Varicella, Japanese B Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, and Rabies.

Food Consequences:

In selecting food also, we must be cautious. Food also plays a vital role in health issues. If you go through not well-cooked food it pays a great loss to you. So be preventive in choosing food.

Almost try to have fresh and hot food items which prevent you from viral infections. Food is not a big problem but a little bit cautiousness makes you healthy and happy. Want to explore Bhutan, take a tour to Bhutan and enjoy the culture and beauty of this country.

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Carsickness is one of the common sickness problems in Bhutan. Most of the time you will be in car drives to visit different tourist attractions.

So traveling on steepest and high altitude roads make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. This carsickness troubles a lot. To counter this problem takes Dramamine medication. It gives relief from it.

These are some major issues everyone face while traveling in Bhutan. Apart from all these, Bhutan is a fantastic tourist spot for safety. If you take preventive measure for these small problems you can enjoy an unforgettable and happy trip in Bhutan.

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