Ajanta Caves
Located in the Sahyadri Hills, the Ellora caves, representing the spirit of tolerance, were carved from volcanic rocks by the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. The Ellora caves are a complex of 34 caves which are majorly dedicated to Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. The Buddhist group of caves (1-13) located in the south are identified as the oldest, dating back to the 5th century. The most famous monasteries among this group are Cave 10- “Visvakarma”, a prayer hall with the divine image of Buddha set on the stupa and Cave 12-”Tintala”, a mon astery-cum-chapel is a three-storeyed building designed with painstaking skill out of rock. Caves 14-29 are the Brahmanical pantheon located at the northern end and caves 30-34 are dedicated to Jainism located in the between the other two groups.  Among these two groups the most famous ones are Cave 16-”Kailasa”, Cave 15- “Dashavatar” and Cave 32-”Indra Sabha”.