Sarnath, a sacred Buddhist destination is located at a distance of 10Km from Varanasi. The city is considered sacred because Lord Buddha preached his first sermon here in Deer Park. The remains of Lord Buddha and modern temple are major tourist attractions in sarnath. The Dharamarajika, Chaukhandi and Dharnek stupas are famous Buddhist sites in Sarnath.

Buddhist sculpture beautifully preserved with Sarnath museum, the remains of monastery and beautifully polished Lion capital of Ashoka attracts pilgrims from round the world. Sarnath [Ref] is evident of many Buddhist sculptures and the Mulagandha Kutir Vihara contains many frescoes by Kosetsu Nosu. Sarnath also features a rich library comprising literature work from ancient times.

Every destination of Buddhist significance in India observes the full moon of Vaishakh (April-May) as the anniversary of three auspicious events from Buddha’s life- Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. The full moon of Asadh (July-August) is observed as the anniversary of his first sermon.

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