Sanchi located in the Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh, is well known for its remarkable architecture and Buddhist inspired art dating back to the Mauryan period. Formerly known Kakanava, Bota-Sri parvata and Kakanadabota, the foundation stone of this religious centre was laid by Emperor Asoka. Sanchi is world famous for its beautiful temples, monasteries, wealthy sculptures, monolithic Ashokan pillar and the breath taking stupas especially the Great Stupa.

The Great Stupa is the nucleus of this pilgrimage site with a hemispherical brick edifice built over the relics with Buddha’s footprints and the throne. The austere simplicity and intricately designed carvings depicting episodes of Lord Buddha’s life set it apart from all the other stupas. Even the events from the famous Buddhist Jataka Tales can be found engraved on this stupa.

The life of Buddha is well represented on the stupas starting with the miracles associated with Buddha on the Southern gateway followed by depiction of Buddha as a young prince on the Eastern gateway and the seven incarnations on the Western gateway.