Ladakh, a land of beautiful monasteries, valleys and passes is situated on the boundary region of mystic Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau. Ladakh [Ref] is also known as ‘Little Tibet’ as the region features many Buddhist monasteries.

The great picturesque location of Ladakh makes it a prominent tourist destination In India. Ladakh offers unusual charm to its tourists and thus attracts heavy tourist population throughout the year.

Buddhist culture and tradition is most prevalent in Ladakh with many famous monasteries and Buddhist temples are erected in the region. Ladakh features many ancient and beautiful Gompas and monasteries which reflect the life of Lord Buddha.

The two forms of Buddhism Mahayana and Vajrayana are followed and taught in the schools of Ladakh. The two forms depict Lord Buddha as a deity who attained Nirvana. Ladakh also features many Bodhisattvas which are worshipped in many Gompas of Ladakh. Bodhisattvas are various incarnations of Lord Buddha from different generations and time.

During the independence of Ladakhi kingdom, Buddhism started influencing Ladakh. Buddhism started flourishing about thousand years ago in Ladakh and is dominant till date. The Buddhist scholar and missionary, Rinchen Zangpo founded more than hundred monasteries in Ladakh region. Most of them are still visited by Buddhist pilgrims.

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